Sunday, 26 January 2014


Hello everyone, Im back with another blog!! How excited is that, I am anyway.
I went to Boots (drugstore) to get a new bronzer due to mine its almost finish and i always wanted to try the Bourjois Bronzing powder. Bourjois its a french company and it is own by CHANEL, so only i can think in good quality!!
We can called like the cheaper brand of Chanel.

As always Boots has an offer if you spend more than £10 in Bourjois products you can get an eye liner worth £7.99 for FREE!! that word always make me have a look. So i end up buying the following products!!

YES, all of as you can see i spend more than £10. Bad girl!! (slap on my hand!)

So, product #1 BOURJOIS SMOKEY EYES eye shadow 
Ive been looking for a grey eye shadow for a while because I think if you have brown eyes intensify the color of your eyes. They are very pigmented so you dont need to apply so much product. the finish look in your eyes its quite metallic, I like it!! I dont know if its for every day make up but its a nice look to go out.

The best of this product is the price, for the 3 eye shadow only £7.99

Moving on, product #2 BOURJOIS EYE LINE FEUTRE 
the price of this poduct is £7.49, as I said at the beginning I got it for free when you spend £10 but I tried the product and its quite good. I used eyeliner almost every day and i run out of them quite quick, the last 2 i have been using they were USELESS!! I was very disappointed with them, one was from GOSH and this one wasnt making the eye line as i wanted, the black color was more like grey, no intense at all...not good. And the other one was from L'OREAL I was quite excited to used this one because its the thickest eye liner i have ever seen so i thought its going to be very easy to apply. Its easy but every time I removed the lid the smell of alcohol make me close it straight away, its very powerful so I stop using it. 

I think i used this product long time ago so im happy to have it back.


I look very excited in the picture above because ..yes it look like a chocolate bar, What else can be more excited than that!!!

It very good powder, the color I got was the lightest one but its quite powerful....when i apply on my skin you can see it straight away so you need to be a bit careful depends on your skin color.
The price of this bronzer its a bonus only £6.99, 
Dont forget that all this product that im mentioning are own by CHANEL, so the quality is there.


Can you see the bronzer on me? Makes your skin glow, im very happy with the purchase.

Last but no least product #4 BOURJOIS ROUGE COLLECTION LIPSTIC

The one thing i like about this product is the packaging. I think is beautiful and the plus that you can see the color before you open the lid its a plus!!
I didnt wear it on my video but I wore it when i went out with my date ( my husband). Its very cream and moisturize your lips. You dont feel your lips going dry. The one I picked up is the number 18. very beautiful berry color and the price is just £7.99 very affordable for its quality.

I hope you enjoy this blog and now before i finish im going to show you what i was wearing when i went out for dinner.

thanks again for reading my blog and if you want to see how i create this look go and check out on my youtube channel so you can see step by step.
love you all..xoxo

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Sunday, 19 January 2014


Hi everyone
im back with another beauty blog. This time im going to compare 2 products of 2 different brands.

The review is about the mascaras and the primers. The reason i have 2 of each its because my benefit mascara is almost finish and i need a new one, so i saw the maybelline one on Boots and it was on offer buy one and get another maybelline product half price so i got the primer to try.

The history start because on  my wedding i did my own make up and  i was looking for some good products and i went to Benefits counter.They recommend the POREFESIONAL for my skin, its a primer and quickly minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines of my skin.Also keep your make up on all day so that was a plus for a wedding day when you want to look your best.

Its very easy product to apply and your skin feels very silky. The price of this product is £24.50. quite pricey but as i said i bought it for my wedding .

Compering with the Maybelline primer called BABY SKIN,

 its a clear formula and transform the look of your skin instantly. Very easy to apply as the Benefit one. but for the quarter of the price.ONLY £7.99.AMAZING!! 
If i have to recommend one of this 2 i will definitely choose MAYBELLINE BABY SKIN.

Now moving on, lets compare the MASCARAS. 

Continuing for my wedding shopping, i want to try the BENEFIT mascara THEY ARE REAL, i hear a lot about it, seems to be the most popular in the UK. So i've got one.

The price is this product is £19.50, a bit pricey.....but the quality is amazing!! I have very difficult eyelashes and this mascara makes my eyes last long and it doesn't feel heavy on your lashes. Even feels good to put fake lashes in top of it.

My new mascara is Maybelline VOLUM EXPRESS MEGA PLUS...

.i dont really feel what the advert says. When I actually open the mascara i didnt know that is has a flexible wand!! I didnt really like it!! I was disappointed, maybe people like it for that but no me. 
The price is not going to disappoint you, its cost only £7.99 so even i dont really like it still im going to used it. So in the MASCARA battle for me the winner is BENEFIT they are real! Mascara. even it cost double of money i think its worth it!!

Conclusion, in the battle of this 2 brand both have PROS and CONS ...... i will always go for Benefits products just because i used make up everyday and i want to have good quality on my skin and i dont mind to spend a bit more money because it last long, but thats my choice. If you get any of this product you wont be disappoint, im telling you!!!

Anyway i hope you enjoy the blog, and please let me know if you like this kind of reviews.
thanks for reading my blog and lots of love!! xoxo

Monday, 13 January 2014


Hi everyone,

Today im going to blog about a make up brand called SLEEK.

 I first hear about the brand in a youtube video and they were saying the quality is very good and the price quite cheap, so that make me have a go!

This is my collection:

I bet you can tell me which one was my first purchase.......yes, the blush in the corner.

The BLUSH is called ROSE GOLD 926 and its cost £4.49 on the website. here is the link if you want to visit the website
The quality is amazing and i wear it all summer( as you can see half of it its gone!!) because when you are a bit tan it make your skin glow!!

The next item I bought was the CORRECTOR AND CONCELAR. and i hear about them on youtube tutorial us well. Im not as happy with t them as I am with the blush. 

They cost £7.99. click the link to go to the website
Mine is the palette number 02, its for fair skin. I can only used the first color because the one in the middle is a bit dark for me and the last one its a powder, and i cant find a used. So my conclusion for this product is that is too expensive if you can only use one of the concealer, its better buy a individual ones.

My next purchase was a BLUSH BY 3 palette,

Mine its called SUGAR, they are a bit more winter colors, more intense. the price for the 3 blushes is £9.99. I think its amazing, the quality its very good and the look good on the skin.

And the last item is the CONTOUR cost £6.49

another amazing price!! Im not  good at contouring and the one i choose its quite light color so i dont finish with a line in my face trying to contour!! .
 It does a good job and the high lighter is as good as MAC one, but the price is double as cheap, almost!!

As a note i want to say that all this product werent buy all in one time. i bought them in the past year but even if you buy them all together you are not going to damage your purse that much!!

I hope you enjoy this blog and hopefully ill be back soon with another exciting blog!
take care xoxo

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Hello everyone!!

as i promise im going to blog about a lazy day make. A I put in my latest blog this make up is easy and quick to put on. Usually i do it when i start work at 6am or on a saturday morning when i go to the shop.....

these are the products i used.

I usually start with the FOUNDATION. This time I used MAC STUDIO FIX FLUID in the color NW22. 

its a bit darker than my skin but the finish is very nice. The coverage is good and covers all the imperfection of your skin.To apply the product I used REAL TECHNIQUES BUFFING BRUSH. you apply a bit of the product in your hand and then you just need to buffer it properly.

Then I will apply the eyeshadow, and here is the trick for the morning. Its very easy to used and you dont need to mix it with other colors or blend it properly in the eyes....Just appy it.

The EYESHADOW is called COLOUR TATTO 24HR BY MAYBELLINE, and the color is 35-ON AND ON BRONCE. I think its a color that suit to everybody brunettes and blondes.

( I dont look very happy on this picture..jajjajaj!)

Then i will apply the powder, this time i used the ESTEELAUDER BROZER called BRONZE GODDESS in SOFT SHIMMER. Its quite light even to be a bronze but for my skin color its perfect, gave me a bit of shimmer effect and i can contour with it us-well.

Continuing with the make up, next i will used a eye liner. This time because i want to do a natural make up i will used a brown eye pencil from ESTEELAUDER  number 02 SOFTSMUDGE BROWN.

And the last but no least i applied the MASCARA, this one is from BENEFIT is called THEY 'RE REAL, Its very good mascara it last very long, i have quite straight eye lashes and this one curves then quite well.

So thats it this is my lazy day make up, i hope you can give a try to some of this product, they are in all price ranges but i think its better if you spend a bit more money in a quality product due to you are going to apply on your skin and you dont want any surprises, thats my theory. I hope you enjoy this blog and dont forget to subscribed and like my youtube channel: Maite Mckenzie and follow me on 
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thanks and take care xoxo!!

Sunday, 5 January 2014


Hello everyone,
i just did some changes on the blog page, colors basically.
tell me if you like it more or its more boring...whatever you think. leave a comment on the blog or in my facebook page, Maite Mckenzie.

As a told you this morning  i have a new blog coming about a lazy make up day!! i have lots of those days, basucally when i wake up 5am to go to work. I like to do my make up but at that time in the morning i feel lazy!!

anyway this is just a quick post, im on my way back to London...holidays are  finish but ill be back soon to Markina .....
have fun and see you soon 
take care xoxo

Friday, 3 January 2014


Hello everyone,

i went out to meet some friends due to on thrusdays in my town its an special day in the bars. when you buy a drink they offer you a "pintxo" (tapas) for free!! its quiet a event.
 the streets were full and the christmas spirit is still out there, even the hangovers!!

anyway here is what i wore.

chunky necklace from primak 5 pounds. midi dress from primark 11 pounds, flufy jumper from primark 12 pounds.........( the prices are estimated)

also i wore H&M chelsea boots, they are very comfortable. the have just the perfect heel.

and the last picture ill show you with my H&M coat and THE STING oversize scarf. the oversize coats and scarf are in very trend at the moment.

ah!! and how i can forget to my "celine" my smiley as i called although my friends told me that it looks very sad and upset, i love it!!!

take care xoxo

Thursday, 2 January 2014



Hi everyone,
this is going to be a quick blog. Ill show you my look of new years night out.....

im wearing a PINK WIG.....its a fun way to start the new year!!

everybody was giving me complements so i may change my hair color!!

my outfit_; the necklace is from ZARA, it was a cristmas present from my lovely brother and the jumper from H&M very comfy and cool.

i hope that everybody enjoy the night as much as i did....
take care...xoxo

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