Monday, 26 September 2016

Oversize Denim Jacket - chaqueta vaquera oversize

This weekend I decided to take some pictures to show you guys my new jacket. A trend that its been on for long time, an oversize denim jacket.
I chose to wear it with a black jumpsuit from Primark,I bought it around march for my holidays in Benidorm and I thought that due to  material I wont be wearing it that much but I was wrong, every time I don't know what to wear I find myself looking for it. 
People asked me sometimes where I buy my clothes and they are surprise when I said Primark, H&M,... I think they may be surprised due to I am a plus size and I still manage to find some cool stuff. Anyway we will leave that subject for another blog.
Now let me show you the pictures I took for this look and I hope you like it!
thanks for checking my blog xoxo
Oversize denim jacket-Primark
my son-FINLEY💙