Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Hello people!
Everybody has their own favorite products/clothes/ i'm going to write about what i have been loving on February.

First ill show you a picture that my husband and me bought.

this one its my favorite bit...x-men. Im a fan of the movie.

We bought it in B&Q It was reduce to £19.95 from £25 and when Nathan show it he fall in love.

Moving on to my next favorite thing is a candle but not any candle.

How pretty is the container. The smells is amazing and it take quite a while to burn the candle. I bought it in January but i didnt included in my January favorite so i thought to mention it now. It was on sale when i bought it and its cost me £9.95 and the original price is around £14.

Next is a beauty item,

I know that LA ROCHE-POSAY items are expensive but totally worth it. This item is for my face. Reduce the dark patches on my skin, basically the parts of my skin that had been damage with the excessive sun and no protection. the price of this cream is £14.

next its a body cream....are you as lazy as I am? this is the perfect product.

This is a cream that you can spray, what amazing is that??
I always forget or im lazy to put cream on my body so this is the perfect product, easy and quick. Smells amazing and the price is good, this cost around £5.

Maybe you are asking ....what is that??
this product its amazing to apply the foundation, i used to used foundation brush but with the sponge its much easier to apply and your skin look much natural and well apply. totally recommended!!

Next its a make up palette.

the palette is called W7 IN THE BUFF. I bought it in EBAY and its kind of copy of URBAN DECAY palettes but the quarter of the price. this cost me £7 on ebay and the urban decay pallets cost over £30. I know that the quality is not the same but if you apply primer in you eye lids the eye shadow stays quite well.
so its your choice!!

and lst but no least, i think this has been my favorite item since i bough it. YES!! its my bag from PRIMARK!!

If you saw my primark haul video you will know how in love I am with the bag. I used it everyday for work and its amazing!! I love the colors and the departments on the bag. As you know it cost only £12.

so this are my february favorites, i hope you enjoy checking my blog and please check my facebook and instagram and dont forget to subscribe and like!!

take care....xoxo