Sunday, 29 December 2013


Hello everyone,
i know its Christmas time and i should be enjoying my holidays but i thought to share with you my outfit of the day.
its very casual because i just spend all day at my cousins day watching movies and gossiping....

the jacket is from primark 

as you can see very casual but still stylish. Im wearing Timberland boots and they were a christmas present from my husband. they are back in trend and  very warm due to the material inside, similar material as the UGGS.
Im wearing a " flofy" jumper and its warm and cosy, as well from Primark.


the Tshirt is from ebay " melting Chanel". its very trendy at the moment wear Tshirt with logos, there is a big selection in ebay and quite cheap as well.

i bought this rings in a shop in my town, they were very inexpensive, the cost me 5 euros each. they were in sales but i thought they look cute together. my nail barnish is from GOSH, its glitter but with matte finish. very trendy at the moment.

and the last but no least my hat, its from ZARA i bought it the day before i fly back home. its was 15 pounds reduce from 19, not much but it was the cheapest i found in this style. i check in topshops and urbanoutfiters and in both places the hat were over 25 pounds, and this one have the best quality and fit, at least in my opinion!!

i hope you enjoy this blog and ill se you soon.....
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take care xoxo

Sunday, 22 December 2013


Hello everyone,
i'm back with another blog, this time is a mini haul.
i purchase this item few weeks ago when i was doing my Christmas shopping.
i always wanted to visit Victoria's secret shop and PINK......while i was checking VS perfumes i realized that they were a bit expensive, so i decided to check PINK store downstairs.
PINK is more for teenagers but they offer nice body mist, scrubs, i have a smell of them and  instantly i felt in love, more than VS perfumes.
this are the items i purchased

the dog was for free when i purchased the body mist and the scrub.

my favorite from 2 of the body mist id the blue one, both are from wild at heart but the smells are different. the blue is more fresh and the pink one is more intense. i used the blue one every morning after shower and smells amazing, you feel ready to go.

Each of the item cost £15 but there is an offer if you buy 2 items £20 and if you get 3 items £25 so i decided to buy 3, why not. early present for myself.

At the shop i though that they pink ones look pretty so i decided to get the scrub in mistake. the blue one is much better, anyway this mistake will be the reasons to come back to the shop and maybe get another flavors.
i hope you enjoy this blog and make you go and try the body mist and scrub from PINK they are really really good!!
enjoy the blog and merry Christmas....

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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Count down for christmas!!!!

Hey everyone its been long time since i blog, maybe 7 month.....:(((( anyway im going to try to blog more often if people is interested in looking at it.
Christmas is around the corner and im very excited, no only because of the presents, going back home and spend time with the family and friends....
Im going to show you some of the decoration i have and maybe get some ideas for yours.
I have some gingerbread man lights that i got them from TIGER very inexpensive.
Christmas tree that Nathans mum give it to me
Some primark  and next candles ( they smell amazing)
Pink christmas tree with lights

No much more but i hope you enjoy the pictures...
Hopefully see u soon!

Monday, 1 April 2013

Work ad weekend outfits...

Hi guys,
Here are 2 pictures of me in a work day and weekend outfit. I actually prefer weekend clothes because is when i wear my style, how i fell comfy......
In my work i need to wear smart casual clothes, i always try to put my style on it so i feel nice and comfy.
So here are the pictures.
I hope u enjoy and tell me which one you like the most!

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Maite xoxo

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Benefit make up

Hi guys!!
Yesterday i went to John Lewis and yes! ive got something.
I passed Benefit counter and a lady approach me with a new product, its called "FAKE UP" and its a concelar. The good thing about it is that has a moisturiser in it, so when u apply it is nice and easy.
The other product i bought is something that i want it, is called "the PORE fesional" is a cream that u apply in the part of your face that u have pores and they actually disappear!! Its amazing! Is very soft and silky.
Fake up cost £18.50
The PORE fesional cost £23.50
I know is a bit pricey but totally worth it!
I hope u enjoy my review, see u soon
Maitr xoxo

Sunday, 24 March 2013


Hi guys,
This is a picture of me with todays outfit!
We are officially is spring, but the weather is still in winter and actually very hard winter. Yesterday and today was snowing, yes snowing and we are in march, Easter is around the corner....usually in Easter we have nicer weather than this so we can start changing our wardrobe, but for now we have to wear boots and hats!
Anyway here is my outfit

The first 2 pictures are just the dress with the boot and bag, the next 2 i add a jumper and a hat.
I hope you enjoy!

Dress:H&M €10 from Bilbao christmas sales
Boots: Dr Martins £50 sales from Office
Necklace: Madam kiwi , it was a present.
Hat: primark £2
Jumper: H&M £10 online sales
Bag: £5 froma shop in westfield.

Thats it from me, see u next time!!
Maite xoxo

Thursday, 21 March 2013

H&M new collection....

Afte a day at work, i come back home and what i found? My H&m so excited!
Here are the pieces that i ve got. 
I love bright colors as you can see...i will blog and outfit with them so excited to wear them...
The bag cost me £15
And the dress £25
As you can see very affordable prices....have a check in the website www.h&
Enjoy! Maite

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Mobille cases extravaganza!!!

Hi guys!
I can never have enough cases! Everytime i check ebay i want to buy a new one!
Here are some of my collection!

1- all the "family " together
2-3 cath kinsten. Actually ipod cases
4- ebay case, case with winds
5- bunny cases....everybody have one.
6- aztec on fashion at the moment.
7-my favorite!!!! Hello kitty..everybody loves her!

All the cases from ebay they are under £5 , and everybody knows that Cath Kinsten cases are a bit expensive, one was a present from a friend and the other one i bought it on sales!

I think as well as we change our bags or shoes to match the outfit, gadgets are so in fashion at the moment and everybody needs or have one nowadays so what more cool that match your cases too.

I love to change depends on the mood or outfit i think is fun, many people will think is silly but i dont care!

I enjoy and i hope you

Sunday, 17 March 2013

#primark OOTD

Hi guys here is OOTD.

The weather is not helping to start wearing summer dresses but still we can style some of the items. Here is an example.

Midi dress £10
Neon necklace £3
Belt £4
Shoes (not from primark) £10
Bag (not from primark) £5

The items are not from primark, they are from a shop in westfield. Very affordable.

I hope you enjoy this OOTD!
Maite xx

Primark neon little haul

Hi guys,
I went to #primark last week and i bought some neon nail polish and a necklace.
As u can see in the picture the colours look amazing!
The necklace cost £3
Nail polishes £2
In the next blog ill do a OODT with the necklace.
I hope u guys enjoy!
Maite xx

Saturday, 16 March 2013


Neon is back, means we are in summer? The weather doesnt seems that we are almost in spring but shops are trying, we want to remove our coats and get the summer clothes out and are some #celebrities with the colours of ten season!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Dungarees are back!!

Dungarees,yes...they are back!!! I used to love them when i was a child and now we have them in stores again.
I love the skirts version but ive got it in trousers because i think is more confortable.
Let me know what do u think, maybe ill post one day me wearing them.....
I hope the weather change soon so we can enjoy the summer clothes!!
Love love,