Sunday, 23 February 2014


Hi everyone...
today's blog is going to be about my collection of Madame kiwi Jewelry.
Many of you probably don't know who is Madame Kiwi, She is a jewelry designer and actually my cousin.
She started her own company in 2011 and she started working with metal jewels, and costume jewels.
This kind of pieces were my first acquisition.

The butterfly necklace is my favorite .Every time i wear it people is asking me here did i get it. But im sorry this piece is unique.                                                                         
the earings, the necklace and the bracelet were my next pieces.

all were christmas presents and i cant tell you the prices, first because they were presents as i said and second because Madame kiwi at the moment is only creating pieces with sterling silver.

Continuing with my collection, the next piece i bought were earings.

as you can see i have a picture wearing them, this was on july 2012. Madame kiwi move on using other types of materials and creating unique and fun pieces. the price of this earing was 59 euros.

In the last 2 pieces are we can see that Madame Kiwi already move on to sterling silver leaving behind the metal jewels and costume jewels.

This neclace was present from my family on my Hen party. but as i can find it in her website i can tell you that this necklace cost 73 euros and its made by STERLING SILVER, SILK THREAD, AGATE.
As you can see this material are nothing to compare with the first pieces i show you.

and the last but no least is this gorgeous ring. Its made by STERLING SILVER AND AGATE. Cost 59 euros And i bought it for my self because i worth it!!

As you can see MADAME KIWI is a fun, creative, unique, individual designer, who doesn't design generic pieces.
Go and check out her website and you can tell me that what im writing is wrong....

INSTAGRAM:  Madamekiwijoyas

Lots of love....xoxo

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Hi everyone,
its been a while since i last blog, maybe 9 days? anyway, i have been busy.... i went back home for my cousins wedding and the party was amazing, i had a awesome time!!
My blog is going to be just a quick one until i put myself on date with everything!!!

He is my brother by the way.
Im going to tell you what he is wearing too.
I dont know the prices but i do the labels.

 Coat ZARA
Tie H&M

Kimono TOPSHOP original price £70 i got it for £17!!!!
Dress H&M £12
Shoes FOREVER 21 £35
Neclace H&M £15

This was a quick blog but i hope you like it and go and check out my latest video on youtube, its on now!!!
thanks again!! xoxo

Sunday, 9 February 2014


Hello people!!
how is the week end going? I worked yesterday so for me today is like saturday tomorrow sunday/monday..good day to go shopping!! im only joking but its true less people around ....

Anyway i share this picture yesterday on my facebook page, if you didnt see please go and LIKE MY PAGE...What are you waiting for???
As you can see i love to take selfies...good way to spend the morning before you going for work...the look i was going for is MONOCHROME

the shirt is from H&M £10
Trouser/leggings H&M maybe 2 years ago so i don't remember the price but they should be around £15
Necklace from NEW YORKER (Bilbao) 5 euros

Make up look is quite simple, im wearing BOURJOIS eyeliner, creating cat eye
And lipsticks from BOURJOIS Too.
The look is quite simple but stylish comfortable for Saturday work.

Moving on, Todays  look  its a boyish style.

This style is quite IN in London, girls like to dress like boys and boys start to wearing skirts like girls....

Jacket is from PRIMARK
Skinny jeans from PRIMARK
Scarf from H&M
Bag from PRIMARK
Trainers from VANS

I cant remember the prices but as you can see the shops im mentioning are not expensive at all.

I hope you all had a nice weekend and ill see you all soon with another blog!!
Thanks to my lovely husband for taking this pictures...xoxo

Sunday, 2 February 2014


Happy Sunday everyone... actually happy Chinese new year 
i was out in town today with my husband ( now he is my photographer hahahah) and the sun was shinning, lots of people was enjoying the Chinese celebration, street were full, restaurants have long queues.....a bit of hell really but I still enjoyed.
This is what i wore today, its a bit following yesterdays outfit.
I called comfy but stylish.

Jacket from PRIMARK last year
Shirt from PRIMARK
Jeans from PRIMARK
Necklace from PRIMARK 
Handbag from BIMBA&LOLA

that's my garden by the way......


My modeling skills.....

after all the excitement of the Chinese new year celebration, try to have a lunch in 10 restaurants but all were full we finish eating at NANDOS Portuguese restaurant....lovely!!!

anyway I hope you all have a lovely Sunday and ill see you soon with another blog...xoxo

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Hi everyone....
yes! i went to see THE LION KING and i loved it!!! It was an amazing experience. I watched the movie maybe 10-15 years ago and make me cry. The theater version is as good or better, makes you feel as a child again, sign along the songs and almost make you dance with Timon and Pumba!!!
So this is what i wore for the day out.

As you can see in the picture the sun is shining but its cold. 
So, what im wearing......

My coat is from H&M
Boots from COOL WAY
Tights from CALCEDONIA
Shirt from PRIMARK
Skirt from PRIMARK
Jumper from PRIMARK

Here is a closed up of the jumpers collar. It is very cute and have a lot of detail, actually i bought it in Primark on SALE!! very good bargain... the necklace is from primark too .( I love it!!)

 cool way boots.....under 50 euro (BILBAO)

And today i took out and about my BIMBA&LOLA handbag  to add a bit of color to my outfit and matches my lipstick.

Its been a very exciting day and please check out my YouTube channel to see the video (vlog) of the day out.

 Love you all xoxo

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