Friday, 26 December 2014


I have been looking for a nude lipstick for a while, and i finally found some shades that i like but actually they are no lipstick, they are lips liners. I saw in lily melrose blog this lip liners and i though i will give it a go. 

I purchased 2 exaggerate automatic lip liner and 1 lip pencil. 

The first one im wearing is a EXAGGERATE LIP LINER called EASTEND SNOB, The second one is called ADDICTION and the third one is LIP PENCIL called SPICE.

The one i like the most and i found the easiest to apply is EASTEND SNOB, due to the color is a bit more pinky than the other ones but i like SPICE as well because i think its more 90's looking.

The price of the lip liner is £3.99, very affordable. i have to say that since i bought them i used them everyday, becasue they are easy to apply and they last long in your lips so you dont need to be worried to apply again and again.

I hope you liked this blog and if you were looking for some nude shades please go and have a look in RIMMEL counter.

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thanks for take your time to read my blog, hopefully see you soon.

Sunday, 21 December 2014


Who doesnt like a bit of glitter? Even more in christmas season! At least I do. When i was working,before my maternity leave, i wasnt allow to used any nail polish, so i used to paint my nails at the weekend and the first days of my holidays!
Now that im off for sometime, i can! But no too much time left with my baby boy!
Anyway last weekend i bought this too gliter nail polishes from Barry M, they are limited edition and i felt in love with them the moment i saw them.
The " pink" one is called SOCIALITE and the "purple" one FASHION ICON.
The one i put in my nails is SOCIALITE as you can see in the picture. I can say that the quality is very good and easy to apply, best to give 2 coats to get more define color but actually i had bad experiences with gliter nail polishes, because the look very nice in the container and then you apply it in your nails and you are thinking..."where is the color gone?
But there is nothing like that with this ones, the are worth it. Te price for the nail polishes is £3.99, very afordable. I bought mine in Boots but you can find them any drugstore in the highstreet.
I hope you enjoy this little review and hopefully more to come....
Happy shopping! Xoxo

Tuesday, 16 December 2014


I like to watch youtube videos and most of the people that i follow shop in LUSH. I read and watch their review about the products but i never bought any to try until yesterday.
i was waliking to the bus stop in Regent street and there is a LUSH shop in front of it, so we pop in.
the smell and the color of the shop is amazing, i wanted to buy all of them but their prices are not cheap.
I decided to buy 2 bubble bath, KARMA BUBBLE BAR and GOLDEN WONDER.
Yesterday i tried the KARMA BATH BOMB. AMAZING!!
The sweet orange oil is refreshing, your skin feel like silk and the perfume is lovely. when you crumble a piece of the bar instantly you want to have a bite of it.
As you can see the water gets orange and the bubbles are so relaxing and playful.
I dont usually take bath, and now that i am a mum i have less time but sometimes i need time for myself.
the price of this bath bomb is £3.25 .
i think is totally worth it, as i said earlier you dont need to put the whole bar, you can take around 3-4 bath with one bar, just depends how much you put .

GOLDER WONDER is another amazing bath bomb, i didnt try it yet but i watch videos in youtube and you can see the amazing colors are inside, the moment i try it i will post a blog about it so can let you know.
this one cost £3,75 but you can only use one time. you have to put the whole bomb in the bath and watch the amaing colours come out.

i hope you enjoy this mini review and have a lovely shopping.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Christmas is around the corner

Yes, christmas is around the corner. im a new mum and i dont have much time to spare to go and do shopping so unfortunately this year santa is not going to bring much presents.
i wanted to decorate my room but i dont have space for a tree so i decided to put some lights, candle....
let me show you!

i bought this heart in TIGER, its a shop were you can find very interesting stuff, for decoration, craft, kids games... in a very affordable price. this heart was £4.

the silver candles is from TIGER again and it has a festive inspiration, at least for me. it looks nice next to my picture with Nathan. This candle cost £4.

Can u notice the reindeer? this was a present for Finley, i know you can find it in John Lewis. i like it so much that i decided that im going to leave it in the room the whole year around.

And last but not least the light. They are Christmas trees, lights in green so is a bit different and fun. this lovelies cost £3.

so this is my Christmasy blog, not very long but i just wanted to share with you my little decoration.
And here is my little boy wishing you all Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Room details..


Today Saturday its a rainy day in London. I decided to tidy up the room . 
Im sharing some on my room detail and i hope you enjoy the pictures and maybe get some ideas.
ill be back soon with more interesting blogs , i hope!!
lots of love, 
Maite xoxo

Thursday, 18 September 2014



Do u like to take selfies? I love it. I think its a great way to show your mood, your new look, your clothes , anything new that you are wearing....
My husband is always looking at me we go again! I like to take pictures of myself when im visiting a new place and i dont want to ask him to take me a picture. Its a great fun, i always end up doing funny faces when its a selfie, i dont know why seems automatic. 
We never put a " fish " face when we taking a picture with somebody but when its a selfie seems like need to be "sexier" or " funnier" than in a normal picture. 
Anyway i like it and i will continue doing it! Lol
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Thanks for reading!! Xoxo

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Hello people!
Everybody has their own favorite products/clothes/ i'm going to write about what i have been loving on February.

First ill show you a picture that my husband and me bought.

this one its my favorite bit...x-men. Im a fan of the movie.

We bought it in B&Q It was reduce to £19.95 from £25 and when Nathan show it he fall in love.

Moving on to my next favorite thing is a candle but not any candle.

How pretty is the container. The smells is amazing and it take quite a while to burn the candle. I bought it in January but i didnt included in my January favorite so i thought to mention it now. It was on sale when i bought it and its cost me £9.95 and the original price is around £14.

Next is a beauty item,

I know that LA ROCHE-POSAY items are expensive but totally worth it. This item is for my face. Reduce the dark patches on my skin, basically the parts of my skin that had been damage with the excessive sun and no protection. the price of this cream is £14.

next its a body cream....are you as lazy as I am? this is the perfect product.

This is a cream that you can spray, what amazing is that??
I always forget or im lazy to put cream on my body so this is the perfect product, easy and quick. Smells amazing and the price is good, this cost around £5.

Maybe you are asking ....what is that??
this product its amazing to apply the foundation, i used to used foundation brush but with the sponge its much easier to apply and your skin look much natural and well apply. totally recommended!!

Next its a make up palette.

the palette is called W7 IN THE BUFF. I bought it in EBAY and its kind of copy of URBAN DECAY palettes but the quarter of the price. this cost me £7 on ebay and the urban decay pallets cost over £30. I know that the quality is not the same but if you apply primer in you eye lids the eye shadow stays quite well.
so its your choice!!

and lst but no least, i think this has been my favorite item since i bough it. YES!! its my bag from PRIMARK!!

If you saw my primark haul video you will know how in love I am with the bag. I used it everyday for work and its amazing!! I love the colors and the departments on the bag. As you know it cost only £12.

so this are my february favorites, i hope you enjoy checking my blog and please check my facebook and instagram and dont forget to subscribe and like!!

take care....xoxo

Sunday, 23 February 2014


Hi everyone...
today's blog is going to be about my collection of Madame kiwi Jewelry.
Many of you probably don't know who is Madame Kiwi, She is a jewelry designer and actually my cousin.
She started her own company in 2011 and she started working with metal jewels, and costume jewels.
This kind of pieces were my first acquisition.

The butterfly necklace is my favorite .Every time i wear it people is asking me here did i get it. But im sorry this piece is unique.                                                                         
the earings, the necklace and the bracelet were my next pieces.

all were christmas presents and i cant tell you the prices, first because they were presents as i said and second because Madame kiwi at the moment is only creating pieces with sterling silver.

Continuing with my collection, the next piece i bought were earings.

as you can see i have a picture wearing them, this was on july 2012. Madame kiwi move on using other types of materials and creating unique and fun pieces. the price of this earing was 59 euros.

In the last 2 pieces are we can see that Madame Kiwi already move on to sterling silver leaving behind the metal jewels and costume jewels.

This neclace was present from my family on my Hen party. but as i can find it in her website i can tell you that this necklace cost 73 euros and its made by STERLING SILVER, SILK THREAD, AGATE.
As you can see this material are nothing to compare with the first pieces i show you.

and the last but no least is this gorgeous ring. Its made by STERLING SILVER AND AGATE. Cost 59 euros And i bought it for my self because i worth it!!

As you can see MADAME KIWI is a fun, creative, unique, individual designer, who doesn't design generic pieces.
Go and check out her website and you can tell me that what im writing is wrong....

INSTAGRAM:  Madamekiwijoyas

Lots of love....xoxo