Saturday, 22 August 2015

Who doesnt like pizza......

Hi everyone,
Yesterday i cooked for first time a pizza from the scratch, i cooked cauliflower dough pizza. Yes, you are reading right cauliflower and it was amazing.


Im not big fan of cauliflower but this recipe is really good and EASY.

I started by grating the cauliflower in a blender,200 grs,  we dont want a very mashy texture just like rice granes. once you done it put it in the microwe for about 5-6 min until is soft. 
Then take it out leave to cool for 2 min and remove all the water with a clean cloth. This step is very important, if you dont remove all the water you wont achieve a nice dough.

Then imprepare ;

mozarella 60 grs
2 tablespoon of parmesano
1 tablespoon of chilli flakes
1 large egg 
Salt and pepper


I used a big bowl to mixed all together and you finish with a "dough".


I know it looks so apetizing right now...... Anyway, spread the dough in a greaseproof paper and stick it to the oven at 200*c for 15-20 min until is golden brown.


                                  This is what you achieve.

Turn it around and you the other side to put your toppings on. 
I add some tomato sauce, fresh tomatoes, mozzarela and bacon. You can add anything you like.


Put the pizza in the oven for about 15 min more to finish cooking and this is the final product.


It looks like a normal pizza, isnt it? I tasted it and it was lovely. 

Have a go and let me know what do you think, it takes around 15 min to prepare everything and 30 min to cook, is not that much....
Thanks for reading.... Xoxo