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Hi everyone, 
On the 18th May we travel to Cuba for 2 weeks, more specific to Varadero. Its a peninsula and its in the region of Matanzas. 
Varadero its a touristic area and its full of hotels and resorts. we stayed at Grand memories Varadero. The pool area was amazing and the beach spectacular, but Finley didn't want to touch the sand at all so we spend most of the days at the pool, I didnt mind .

On the first week we travel to La Habana for a day tour. It took us 2,5 hrs to reach there. We passed Matanzas city and lost of woods and wild animals and birds. We had a great guide on the day and he explained everything very well. It was a very hot day like most of the days and the trip was a bit more difficult because we travel with a 2,5 years old toddler. we took an iPad with us, snacks and toys to entertain him during the bus ride.

La Habana is a very impressive city, you see the new buildings and very old buildings next to each other. There is lots of tourist everywhere,including us, taking pictures and videos. So here you have a few of the pictures that we took.

La escuela de catering y turismo/ tourism and catering school

la catedral/the cathedral

La plaza de la revolucion/ Revolution square

el Hyde park Cubano/ The cuban Hyde Park

I hope you enjoy the blog and hopefully ill have another one soon. 
Thanks for reading me.
Maite Mckenzie

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